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Hi Holly,

I visited your gem mine with my two kids today.  We had such a great time! I went on your website to write a review but couldn't figure out where to do that. I thought I'd simply email you and hopefully you can put the review on your site.  We had so much fun, and I was just really impressed with you and your friendliness and knowledge.  I wish you great success, and we'll look forward to visiting your business in the future.  Your gem mine is something my kids ask to do every year when we visit, and this was by far the best experience we've had at this mine- you are doing a great job! I've also made a positive review on 

Here's my review below.   

"My children (9yrs and 13yrs) loved our recent visit. The owner was so friendly and helped my kids learn to identify which gems they'd found.  The actual process is very hands-on, and my kids had so much fun.  The owner was friendly, helpful, and attentive, and he just made the whole experience so enjoyable.  Each child left with a baggie filled with the gems they'd found, as well as a fun complimentary chart to help them identify their treasures at home.  It's a great place to visit!!"  

Sara M. visiting from Indianapolis, IN


Hello Holly! 

My boyfriend Waylon and I visited the Gem Mine over Memorial Day weekend this year. Looking back on it, it was the best part of our trip! Honestly, it is a true "gem" -what a great pun. I just found your card today and my stuff so I wanted to write you a short note. 

We happened to stumble across the place on our way through town. Up until that point we pretty disappointed with shopping selection in Gatlinburg‎, pretty run of the mill. However, when I saw your shop I said - "TURN THE CAR AROUND!!!" I'm so glad we did because it is one of the most memorable experiences of our trip.

We had such a blast picking through all the rocks outside and checking them out with you. It was a true treasure hunt, I felt like were were in the Goonies! Your shop is the best rock shop I've ever visited because it is so much fun.

I actually keep a few of the rocks from that day on my desk at work to remind me of all the fun we had (attached, not great pic but works). It was just an unexpected twist and we are so grateful for finding you all. We could tell you really love what you do and wish you many years of success and happiness with your new business!!!!

Take care,

Dana & Waylon from West Virginia

Thank you so much Holly for sharing all your knowledge about the gems and stones. The entire family learned a lot that morning. But mostly thank you for introducing us to Lyca. She is so beautiful and it was magical to be able to connect with her. We will stop by again in late September!

J. A. Smith

Potomac Falls, VA


We were recently in the area and disappointed with the way the trip was going. It was such a let down for the kids. They were really disappointed with the entire trip... UNTIL we came across your shop & gem mine. The kids snapped out of it quickly, and when it came time to go they wanted to stay longer. We returned the next day by popular demand. Everyone was screaming for your shop again. I told you that I would post a good review on Google and on Trip Advisor and I have, but I wanted to say a special Thank you to both of you for being (BY FAR) the best part of our trip to Maggie Valley, NC

We will be back... SOON!

Rick & Jan G.

Battle Creek, MI


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